Speakers of 2013

Susan Abbas Nejad – a seventeen years old high school student from Iran. I live in Tbilisi, Georgia where I attend an IB school. From childhood, I was always interested in Physics and Astronomy. I am currently in year 11 and I would like to study Physics at university. I have a love of exotic cultures and I can speak Korean. I dream of a better education system that supports everyone, no matter what their social or economical level is.

Mohammad Tavassolian – born in 23/07/1994 in Iran, Mazandaran, Amol ( Country, Province, City). I left Iran when I was in High school and decided to continue my high school education Internationally in IBDP ( International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) in Georgia, Tbilisi. At this moment I am an IB 11th grader at European school. My short coming plan is to study Engineering ( Mechanical or Electrical) in university.

Parichehr Esmaeilpour – born in 7.7.1997 Bandar-Abbas,Iran. Currently studying in International baccalaureate 11th grade.from early ages i have seen things differently and wanted to show people the world the way i see it.using imagery to show people somehow was not enough so i decided to show them what i see exactly the way i do and the best solution was making movies! started making movies when i was 11 and i will be studying in a film school in order to change the world and make it a happier place!

Anna Zhvania – born in Georgia, Tbilisi on 8th February, 1996. For seven years, I lived in Israel, Tel-Aviv, so I enjoy travelling a lot. I also enjoy reading in my spare time.

Mariam Meskhi – My name is Maria Meskhi. I was born on 25th of October 1995 in Greece. My TEDx presentation is about gene therapy because I like biology very much. In the future I want to become a doctor, surgeon to be exact. I hope to achieve success in my life. I am 17 years old and I know what I want. I know that I want to help people live longer and save as many lives as I can.

Maria Lotishvili – Maria Lotishvili-born on 17th of August in 1995 in Moscow. Till the age of 5 lived in Georgia. From 5 up to 16 lived in Greece. I studied there in a Greek public school. Simultaneously to studying I was involved in sport activities. I used to play professional tennis till the age of 12. However I enjoyed playing basketball and swimming, too. In the summer of 2012 I came to Georgia. My goal is to finish the DP and go to a university to study International Relations.

Manana Asatiani – Manana Asatiani, 11th grade student at European School. Member of the student council of European School. Member of the Government body of EYP Georgia.