Speakers of 2017

Pirosca Stefania

Pirosca Stefania is 17 years old girl whose dream is to inspire people, and there is never too early or too late to do it. She still believes that feminism is a 21st century issue and her free spirit will never stop sharing her convictions. Her speech reflects her ambition that one day a leader who will make the world a better place will arise out of her. Until then, small steps still count!

Tahira Valiyeva

Tahira Valiyeva is 17 years old girl studying in DP. Her nationality is Azerbaijanian but she has spent her life in Georgia since 3 years old, what makes her feel like a real Georgian.  Tahira knows 6 languages which are: Georgian, Azeri, Turkish, English, German and Russian. In her opinion knowing many languages is a key to a success door, so she tries her best to know more and more languages. Her biggest aim in life is to build up a career, to be an independent woman who will be able to stand on her own legs, and not by help of someone. Tahira is a quite creative person. She can draw, act in a performance, very well dance and her biggest hobby is singing. In future she wants to visit Eurovision where she will present Azerbaijan by singing, but before that her aim is to get into one of the best universities, visit music academy and only after she wants to participate in song contests, because education is on the first place for her.

Giorgi Macharashvili

GiorgiMatcharashvili is 17 years old. He is interested in literature and math as well. Books are a great inspiration for Giorgi . He is a member of several literature groups and his writings and translations were published in various magazines and books. He tries his best in every situation, because he thinks having a bit luck and talent is not enough, you have to work hard to achieve your life goals. For him   life is extremely interesting, Giorgi  tries   new experiences to make his dreams come true.

Liza Saakadze

Lizzie-Elisabeth Saakadze  was born on the month of September. However, she hates autumn. She loves spring sun, blue sky and warm weather.  She is already 15 years old and still can stay up whole night watching cartoons. Sometimes people even joke that she still plays with dolls. As any real Fairy tale lover she is a dreamer and truly believes that as Cinderella once said: ”If you keep on believing the dream that you wished will come true” . She loves music and theater and movies and cartoons, and even solving math problems.  Lizzzie  doesn’t know what profession she  will chose, but she is  sure that her  job will be interesting and every day she’ll be happy to go to work.

Giorgi Manjgaladze

Giorgi Manjgaladze is 17 years old DP11 student. He is passionate about sports, politics and business. He enjoys playing football and being together with his friends.

Sandro Lomadze-Gabiani

Since childhood Sandro has always been intrigued by science and the potential of humans to strive for more. He used to combine small chemicals he found around the house in random cups and write down what happen, and sometimes he used to sit trying to think of the highest number he could imagine. Recently he focused his love of science to math and computer science which he hopes to major in.

Ali Alsaeed

Ali Alsaeed was born in Syria and lived his entire life there. Although his roots are from Palestine. After the civil war crisis started in Syria, it started out as innocent protests and turned into a war in which everyone is involved in. The life he knew, was never the same after that. He stayed in Syria, at the first years of the crisis. Hoping that it would become better. Unfortunately, the situation was just becoming worst day by day. Eventually, he had to move with his family to Georgia. Ali look for better life opportunities. Still hoping that someday, the situation in Syria will become better and he will be able to return to his homeland. Currently, the situation is out of hand and for some time he honestly felt that nothing could be done to stop it and that Syria is gone. But, still Ali believes that one day everything will get back to the way it was.

Elene Tskhadadze

Elene Tskhadadze is an IBDP 11th grade student. Her interests and hobbies vary from economics to literature, music, cinematography, travelling and sports. Her biggest passion is reading classical literature, though she wants to continue her studies in economics. She has always been very interested in human psychology. Recently she found a new interest in understanding concerns and problems of her generation, this including an abundance of things starting from social media to the shifting values and negatively changed forms of relationships.

David Aladashvili

For the young Georgian pianist David Aladashvili, 13 is a lucky number: he was born on a Friday the 13th and he took to the piano at the unusually late age of 13.
Hailed as a “sensitive virtuoso born for the stage”, Aladashvili has been a prize-winner at many national and international competitions and festivals including the International Competition for Young Pianists in Tbilisi (2001), the Vladimir Spikanov International Festival in Moscow (2005) and the Nikolai Rubinstein Piano Competition in Paris (Grand Prix, 2006).In 2005 he received Georgia’s prestigious Presidential Scholarship Award for Piano Performances and is a Juilliard School Susan W. Rose Scholarship recipient. Later he completed Juilliard School’s Master’s programme.
An enthusiastic musician David Aladashvili is the founder of the charity foundation Young for Young. He brings together young performers from all over the world to perform for young people in need.