Speakers of 2016

Ann Panjakidze

Ann Phanjakidze is a student of European School. She studies in 11th grade. Ann is a student with high academic achievements. Her hobby is watching movies, TV series, talk shows… She learns much from watching movies. Ann is a romantic person, who seeks the same type of love as seen in romance movies. She is an active feminist and a liberal person. She is inspired by strong beliefs. Ann wants to become a doctor, possibly surgeon.

Anano Gverdsiteli

Anano Gverdtsiteli is European School student since 2013. Her hobbies are watching and playing tennis, filmmaking and watching movies. Her favorite movie genres are drama/thriller and detective films. She’s been a member of Georgian dance ensemble between the ages of 6-12. She has also finished an Art School (Piano Department), and after that she decided to join a tennis club. She is interested in many subjects but mostly in Physics and Mathematics and hopes to pursue a career in finance.

Guliko Simaevi

Guliko Simaevi, 16 years old. She studies at European school of Tbilisi (Georgia) in the 11th grade. Guliko was born and brought up in Tbilisi. She is Kurdish by origin and Yezidi by religion. Yezidis belong to the oldest nations of the world. She is passionate about arts, music and history. She is keen on acting and performing and feels at home when being on a stage. For Guliko all people are born equal despite their skin color, religion, gender or orientation. Her goal in life is to become independent and leave something important behind. She envies people who have gift for painting.

Eka Orjonikidze

Junior at American High School, Kato Orjonikidze is 16 years old. Being interested in Sociology, Politics and Global Justice, Kato is actively engaged into broadening her knowledge in these subjects. Other than in her complex academic curricula . She is also engaged in extracurricular activities – she is active member of numerous NGOs and likes tutoring less fortunate children. Kato is passionate about contemporary ballet and literature. During her free time, she likes to write short stories and socialize.

Mariam Gobianidze

Mariam Gobianidze is a very active and sociable person. She has many different hobbies from the various branches. But most of all she enjoys dancing. Mariam has been dancing Georgian National Dances for 11 years. In addition, she is very interested in medicine. She loves watching medical TV series, especially ,, Grey’s Anatomy”. But it is not only her passion, it is her life and that’s why she wants her future profession to be connected with medicine. Miriam’s goal is to finish school with success and to become a great surgeon.

Giga Apkhaidze

Giga Apkhaidze is a student in 11th grade of IB DP. He is a very playful person , ready to do anything that sound’s fun, but also a bit shy. He enjoys sports and generally activities that involve working with other people as he enjoys socializing. His biggest interest is programming. Giga has been fascinated by what a computer can currently do, and by the potentially endless possibilities it gives a person in terms of creativity. He always wanted to create something on his own on a computer. When he turned 15 he created a new cipher and won a Students’ Project Conference. Giga is fascinated by Artificial intelligence and thinks it’s  the biggest development and breakthrough in technology.

Salome Jokhadze

Salome Jokhadze is an active person, who always searches for something new. She really likes challenges and tries to be everywhere, in every sphere. During her childhood she had many different hobbies. She has been dancing for 11 years. Salome enjoys listening to music and reading books in her spare time. She loves traveling and getting to know different cultures. Her dream is to make our country a better place for everyone.

Mariam bagdavadze

Mariam Baghdavadze is 17 years old girl. She studies at Europeans School in 11th grade. Her passion is Georgian dancing, she also likes to play piano and play tennis. She has two elder sisters and two younger sisters. Mariam loves playing with little sisters and enjoys spending time together with elder sisters. She likes reading lifestyle blogs and watching You Tubers’ blogs and videos.