Speakers of 2014

Ani Mazanashvili has had many different hobbies from various branches. She was studying in art academy for 4 years, in musical school for 6 years, at the same time she was a dancer and enjoyed playing chess. She speaks English, Georgian and Russian, she has studied a little of Greek and currently she is busy with broadening French. Her free time activities are mainly reading, writing and painting. In the nearest future she wants to allocate all her time for inspecting the extremes of marketing. Ana wants to become a PR Manager, since she is interested in it from very childhood.

Nanuka Goguadze likes taking photos, listening to music, traveling. She is a person who loves discovering new things in each day. Her dreams are to own a bank and just to be happy.

Having a big family made Nika Tabatadze very sociable, he has many friends. Nika wants to become an Astrophysicist or an Astronomer. His hobbies are painting, playing video games, hanging out with his friends and playing water polo. Currently he plays water polo in Water Polo Academy Tbilisi as a centre forward. He loves art, especially visual art, because he thinks that art is the universal way of spreading information and knowledge without any deformations and only ones looking for knowledge will find it in artworks.

Ana Gotsiridze enjoys watching movies with friends, she loves dancing. Her hobbies are skiing and swimming. She really enjoys traveling and getting known to different cultures. Her main goal is to finish school with success and have a bright future in her career of diplomacy.

Farhad Ahadov likes searching for something new, for something extraordinary that belongs only to individuals. He always tries to be everywhere, in all the spheres he could possibly be in. He constantly changes his future plans, Farhad did it more than one hundred times! You could ask why? Simply because the life he lives in consists of too many interesting mini worlds, where he personally wants to participate. One of his hobbies and one of the most important parts of his life is music. In late 2010 he discovered electronic music, which easily entered into his life, and made him interested in it. Besides listening to the music, which brought a lot of energy and fun, he got interested in creation of the following style. In winter of 2012 Farhad published his first own track, called “Lite Trance”, which is still available on www.soundcloud.com. In 2013 he produced seven tracks and one own daily mix podcast.

Aleksandre (Sandro) Akhvlediani is IB DP student. Music is inseparable part of his life. He loves reading and, together with Homer`s “Odyssey” and Dostoevsky`s “The Brothers Karamazov”, Anatole France`s “The Revolt of the Angels” is one of his favorite books. Sandro is fond of Computer Sciences and he`d like to continue studying in this field.

George Chakhunasvili: George is interested in weapon developing industry, history, political and social problems of different countries, and problems of modern society. He likes sport, especially downhill skiing .His hobby is working out in gym. In his free time he enjoys having fun with his friends, listens to classical music or any other genre depending on his mood.

George Diasamidze wants to become a doctor. He is very interested in medicine since childhood. His attitude towards medicine is not only interest and passion, it is his life, and it is the main goal of his life. During his childhood he had different hobbies. He was playing tennis and felt pleasure during swimming. In 2010 he even won the championship in Tennis. Most of all he enjoys travelling around the globe. During his free time he familiarizes himself with scientific researches in Oncology and Prenatal surgery. He has many ambitious plans in the nearest future such as studying Turkish, getting different language tests, attending summer schools and many other useful things.

Mariam Kakhniashvili is a 16 year-old book enthusiast, who lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. She spends her free time reading and educating herself about important issues through various magazines and blogs. Currently, her main interests involve human psychology and sociology.

Reem is really passionate about swimming and architecture. She wants to follow her family steps and become an architect. During her free time she tries to learn and gain as much experience as possible in the fields of her interest.

Nikoloz Gozalishvili is an active, sporty person. He has been involved into many kinds of sports like swimming, football and basketball from very childhood. His hobbies have derived from his passion of sports and reading. Nikoloz loves playing football, water polo, video games and reading books and some articles of his specific interests like philosophy, theology or engineering.

 Past Events:

TEDxIBEuropeanschool 2013 conference