Registration 2.30 pm-3.00 pm

First session 3.00 pm -4.30 pm

  1. TEDx intro video
  2. Pre-recorded TED talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims-How to raise successful kids-without over-parenting
  3. Tahira Valiyeva – Time management and how to overcome problems
  4. Elene Tskhadadze– Does healthy food  make us healthy always?
  5. Sandro Lomadze-Gabiani– Pollution, its effects ,and exploring a few potential solutions for Georgia’s problems
  6. Giorgi Macharashvili – Fantasy
  7. David Aladashvili-Reinventing yourself at a young age


Coffee break 4.30pm-4.45pm

Second session 4.45pm-6.00pm

  1. Pre-recorded TED talk by Ashton Cofer -A young inventor’s plan to recycle Styrofoam
  2. Ali Alsaeed –Road to peace
  3. Giorgi Manjgaladze – Be motivated!
  4. Lizzie Saakadze – Kids and Disney
  5. Stefania Pirosca – You are powerful!