Time management and how to overcome problems | Tahira Valiyeava | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

This talk is about the importance of time management and how to overcome problems caused by being not organized. Everyone knows what time management is, but not all take it seriously into the consideration. It always seems that students don’t have time; however all of them have got 24 hours a day. Some colleagues, classmates or friends succeed, but time is equal. Managing time helps in achieving success.


Pollution, its effects, and exploring a few potential solutions for Georgia’s problems | Sandro Lomadze-Gabiani | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

Georgia is now one of the leading countries in the air pollution levels-not the best place to be. This talk focuses on all the statistics behind root problems and looks into viability of trying to resolve them.


Fantasy | Giorgi Matcharashvili | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

What’s going to happen after one year or even a millennium? In the modern world people want to forecast their future. In the 20th century, people couldn’t believe that they will invent the computer, mobile phone or dozens of various electronic devices. Nowadays the process of development in the world is really fast. For instance, in medicine artificial organs are created and libraries became multi-functional. Some writers wrote about these facts several years ago. Did their ideas play a major and eminent role in a technology development? Were they helpful? This are questions the speaker wants to answer in the talk “Fantasy”.


Reinventing yourself at a young age | David Aladashvili | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

This inspiring talk encourages youth not to give up, to believe in themselves, not to be afraid of risks. Even if you do something not really popular among fellows and people criticize you, anyway you can turn it into something useful for you and others. This is a message from young pianist.

Road to peace | Ali Alsaeed | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

“Road to Peace” – this talk is about peace being humanity eternal and elusive dream. The speaker discusses his inspiring ideas, practical advises and real world examples on how it can be attained. He shares his personal experience and what this experience taught him. (more…)

Be motivated! | Giorgi Manjgaladze | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

TED talk “Be Motivated ” is concentrated on lack of motivation within the students of the school. The speaker discusses various causes such as lack of background knowledge, teacher- student relationship, etc. and presents possible solutions to this problem. (more…)

Kids and Disney | Lizzie Saakadze | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

When people think about Disney only positive ideas, come to mind. True love, friendship, magic, beauty…. at least until recent days. In society, Disney became controversial subject. After started thinking about it, Lizzie realized that, indeed there might be some things wrong. What lesson dose Disney teach to girls? Wait for the prince on a white horse to solve all of the problems? Cook the diner, clean the house, be beautiful and get married? All stepmothers are evil? Beautiful are only that people whose parameters are 90-60-90? She tried to find answers to those questions with a help of the biggest dreamers in the world, children.


Mariam bagdavadze – Dancing-my form of freedom

Mariam Baghdavadze is 17 years old girl. She studies at Europeans School in 11th grade. Her passion is Georgian dancing, she also likes to play piano and play tennis. She has two elder sisters and two younger sisters. Mariam loves playing with little sisters and enjoys spending time together with elder sisters. She likes reading lifestyle blogs and watching You Tubers’ blogs and videos.