Time management and how to overcome problems | Tahira Valiyeava | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

This talk is about the importance of time management and how to overcome problems caused by being not organized. Everyone knows what time management is, but not all take it seriously into the consideration. It always seems that students don’t have time; however all of them have got 24 hours a day. Some colleagues, classmates or friends succeed, but time is equal. Managing time helps in achieving success.

Tahira Valiyeva is 17 years old girl studying in DP. Her nationality is Azerbaijanian but she has spent her life in Georgia since 3 years old, what makes her feel like a real Georgian. Tahira knows 6 languages which are: Georgian, Azeri, Turkish, English, German and Russian. In her opinion knowing many languages is a key to a success door, so she tries her best to know more and more languages. Her biggest aim in life is to build up a career, to be an independent woman who will be able to stand on her own legs, and not by help of someone. Tahira is a quite creative person. She can draw, act in a performance, very well dance and her biggest hobby is singing. In future she wants to visit Eurovision where she will present Azerbaijan by singing, but before that her aim is to get into one of the best universities, visit music academy and only after she wants to participate in song contests, because education is on the first place for her.