Road to peace | Ali Alsaeed | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

“Road to Peace” – this talk is about peace being humanity eternal and elusive dream. The speaker discusses his inspiring ideas, practical advises and real world examples on how it can be attained. He shares his personal experience and what this experience taught him. Ali Alsaeed was born in Syria and lived his entire life there. Although his roots are from Palestine. After the civil war crisis started in Syria, it started out as innocent protests and turned into a war in which everyone is involved in. The life he knew, was never the same after that. He stayed in Syria, at the first years of the crisis. Hoping that it would become better. Unfortunately, the situation was just becoming worst day by day. Eventually, he had to move with his family to Georgia. Ali look for better life opportunities. Still hoping that someday, the situation in Syria will become better and he will be able to return to his homeland. Currently, the situation is out of hand and for some time he honestly felt that nothing could be done to stop it and that Syria is gone. But, still Ali believes that one day everything will get back to the way it was.