Kids and Disney | Lizzie Saakadze | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

When people think about Disney only positive ideas, come to mind. True love, friendship, magic, beauty…. at least until recent days. In society, Disney became controversial subject. After started thinking about it, Lizzie realized that, indeed there might be some things wrong. What lesson dose Disney teach to girls? Wait for the prince on a white horse to solve all of the problems? Cook the diner, clean the house, be beautiful and get married? All stepmothers are evil? Beautiful are only that people whose parameters are 90-60-90? She tried to find answers to those questions with a help of the biggest dreamers in the world, children.

Lizzie-Elisabeth Saakadze was born on the month of September. However, she hates autumn. She loves spring sun, blue sky and warm weather. She is already 15 years old and still can stay up whole night watching cartoons. Sometimes people even joke that she still plays with dolls. As any real Fairy tale lover she is a dreamer and truly believes that as Cinderella once said: ”If you keep on believing the dream that you wished will come true” . She loves music and theater and movies and cartoons, and even solving math problems. Lizzzie doesn’t know what profession she will chose, but she is sure that her job will be interesting and every day she’ll be happy to go to work.