Fantasy | Giorgi Matcharashvili | TEDxIBEuropeanSchool

What’s going to happen after one year or even a millennium? In the modern world people want to forecast their future. In the 20th century, people couldn’t believe that they will invent the computer, mobile phone or dozens of various electronic devices. Nowadays the process of development in the world is really fast. For instance, in medicine artificial organs are created and libraries became multi-functional. Some writers wrote about these facts several years ago. Did their ideas play a major and eminent role in a technology development? Were they helpful? This are questions the speaker wants to answer in the talk “Fantasy”.

Giorgi Matcharashvili is 17 years old. He is interested in literature and math as well. Books are a great inspiration for Giorgi . He is a member of several literature groups and his writings and translations were published in various magazines and books. He tries his best in every situation, because he thinks having a bit luck and talent is not enough, you have to work hard to achieve your life goals. For him life is extremely interesting, Giorgi tries new experiences to make his dreams come true.