Guliko Simaevi – Stop hiding your ethnic identity!

Guliko Simaevi, 16 years old. She studies at European school of Tbilisi (Georgia) in the 11th grade. Guliko was born and brought up in Tbilisi. She is Kurdish by origin and Yezidi by religion. Yezidis belong to the oldest nations of the world. She is passionate about arts, music and history. She is keen on acting and performing and feels at home when being on a stage. For Guliko all people are born equal despite their skin color, religion, gender or orientation. Her goal in life is to become independent and leave something important behind. She envies people who have gift for painting.

Guliko, a 16 year old teenager, belongs to Yezidi population. In her talk she talks about what used to be her biggest insecurity. Growing up in Georgia challenged Guliko so she had to face a big problem: she was afraid of displaying her origin. She had a hard time trying to fit into a group of friends, who, she thought, would not accept her for who she is. So what did she do? She lied. Guliko told her mates she was Georgian while the guilt was eating her up on the inside. She hid her true identity until this one day. One day she stopped pretending and found a way to overcome this problem. But how? What did she do? Find out what helped her in this video below.