Giga Apkhaidze – Communicating with aliens

Giga Apkhaidze is a student in 11th grade of IB DP. He is a very playful person , ready to do anything that sound’s fun, but also a bit shy. He enjoys sports and generally activities that involve working with other people as he enjoys socializing. His biggest interest is programming. Giga has been fascinated by what a computer can currently do, and by the potentially endless possibilities it gives a person in terms of creativity. He always wanted to create something on his own on a computer. When he turned 15 he created a new cipher and won a Students’ Project Conference. Giga is fascinated by Artificial intelligence and thinks it’s
the biggest development and breakthrough in technology.

Giga Apkhaidze’s talk is about Artificial Intelligence. More specifically how it can help in communicating with aliens. He talks about how sophisticated and complicated language, such as the human language, is learnt. Giga  will be looking at few examples of different species of animals imitating and talking in human language, and finally about current developments and breakthroughs in Artificial intelligence.