Eka Orjonikidze – We all fear, don’t we?

Junior at American High School, Kato Orjonikidze is 16 years old. Being interested in Sociology, Politics and Global Justice, Kato is actively engaged into broadening her knowledge in these subjects. Other than in her complex academic curricula . She is also engaged in extracurricular activities – she is active member of numerous NGOs and likes tutoring less fortunate children. Kato is passionate about contemporary ballet and literature. During her free time, she likes to write short stories and socialize.

It is not a secret that achieving success takes vigorous dedication and hard work. However, every time one looks at a successful person, they still ask, “To what do you owe your success?” As if one knows that there is something more, something unknown, other than hard work and dedication, hidden in success. In her talk “We all fear, don’t we?” Eka Orjonikidze discusses what it truly takes to be successful and how fear plays a vital role in determining the fate of an individual.