Anano Gverdtsiteli -Being slow

Anano Gverdtsiteli is European School student since 2013. Her hobbies are watching and playing tennis, filmmaking and watching movies.  Her favorite movie genres are drama/thriller and detective films. She’s been a member of Georgian dance ensemble between the ages of 6-12. She has also finished an Art School (Piano Department), and after that she decided to join a tennis club. She is interested in many subjects but mostly in Physics and Mathematics and hopes to pursue a career in finance. 

In her talk, Anano Gverdtsiteli tells the audience about her problem of “being slow”, a difficulty anyone can have. She shares her experience as a child, why it took so much time for her in the past to complete a simple task, how it started to affect everything she did. Anano tells us how she managed to solve her problem with the help of sports.